67 Jets Swim Spa for Sale near Austin, TX

  • Series: 2101
  • Total Jets: 67
  • Power: North America 5HP + 4HP + 3x Variable Speed
  • Style: Swim Spa


  • Wellness Spa X Controls – Swim Spa
  • Extreme XL Water Diverters
  • Air Controls
  • Trillium Stainless Steel Massage Jets | 67
  • River Jets (Swim Resistance Jets) | 3
  • 24″ Fusion Waterafall
  • Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® – 175 sq ft Dual Core Filter
  • Patented Infinity Edge Technology and Design
  • No Bobbing Weir Skimmer
  • Largest Skimmers
  • Self-Purging
  • Digital Float and Fill Gauge
  • Swim Tether Anchor Plate
  • Swim Tether
  • Exercise Bands and Row Bars

Spa Comforts

  • Plush Headrests
  • Beverage Holders
  • Anti-Slip Textured Floor
  • Ergonomic Seating
  • Multi-Level Seating
  • Programmable Filtration

Built to Last

  • Formed Equipment Enclosure
  • Owens Corning® Fiberglass Shell with 1 1/4″ Steel Reinforcement
  • Steel Reinforced Spa Acrylic
  • Quick Access Gate Valves
  • Recessed Floor Drain
  • Recessed Thread-In Jet-Pockets™
  • Super-Sealed™ Barb & Clamp Plumbing

  • Freeze Protection
  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Shell with 1 ¼” Steel Reinforcement
  • Pressure Treated Frame
  • Quick Access Gate Valves
  • Recessed Floor Drain
  • Recessed Thread-in Jet-Pockets
  • Super-Sealed Barb & Clamp Plumbing
  • Titanium Heater



Dimensions (cm) 629.9 x 228.6 x 161.3
Capacity (l) 10487
Dry Weight (kg) 1815
Wet Weight (kg) 12302


Dimensions (in) 248 x 90 x 63.5
Capacity (us gal) 2770
Dry Weight (lbs) 4000
Wet Weight (lbs) 27121

Quality First

Trust in a Brand that is Quality Certified

True Pressurized Filtration

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System

This system comes with the largest filter available in any hot tub. Coast Spas has the only spas that can accept a 175 sq.ft. filter. In North America it is law for any commercial establishment to have a closed pressurized filtration system on any public pool or hot tub. Not only is it more efficient and faster than a skim filtration system but it also removes the dirty filter canisters from the bathing area.

The Strongest Shells

Multiple Layers of Premium Owen Corning® Fiberglass with Steel Reinforcement

Coast Spas® has partnered with Owens Corning® to Deliver the Toughest and Most Durable Hot Tub Shells Available.

Your hot tub starts its life as a sheet of premium acrylic. It is then heated and vacuum-formed to take on the shape of a hot tub, at this point the acrylic is fragile and flexible. The acrylic shell is then moved to be reinforced using high-grade Owens Corning® fiberglass. A team of specialists start by applying several layers of fiberglass to the shell, then use rollers to compress those layers together. Steel angle iron is then placed onto those first compressed layers for additional support in specific structural areas.

Additional layers of Owens Corning® fiberglass are then added (up to 12 layers or more are typical for an average-size Coast Spas Model) and compressed again, by hand, to complete the shell reinforcement.

card shell

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